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Oyster Court


A stunning new development offering unparalleled views and a unique Oyster Court lifestyle. Experience luxury and serenity like never before. Enjoy all the modern comforts and conveniences you desire with a range of luxurious amenities and features. Live the ultimate lifestyle in a stunning Oyster Court setting.



Oyster Court offers an impeccable lifestyle to its residents in a serene and secure environment. World class services, modernistic landscaping and a comprehensive structure for building management are defining features of lifestyle at Oyster Court.

Residential Tower




OYSTER COURT is a stunning residential living project designed with the beauty of the ocean in mind. With luxurious apartments that feature state-of-the-art facilities and breathtaking ocean views, OYSTER COURT offers the ultimate seaside living experience. The unique oyster theme of the project is reflected in the beautifully crafted design, providing a nod to the ocean’s finest delicacy. Indulge in the OYSTER COURT lifestyle, where the perfect blend of luxury and comfort awaits you. Come and discover your dream home at OYSTER COURT, where a life of seaside living awaits you.


Luxury Building

Swimming Pool

24/7 Security





24 Hours Reception

Maid's Room

Water Heating System

Driver Accomodation

Car Parking

House Keeping

Laundry Services

Power Backup

Roof Top Garden

Payment schedule

1 bedroom Apartment

Midnight Pearl
Floor 2nd Floor - 6th Floor
Parking Allocation 1
Total Area 1202 sq.ft
Price Per sq.ft RS. 31,000
Total Amount (PKR) 37,262,000
Payment schedule

2 bedroom Apartment

Coral Pearl
Floor Ground Floor - 6th Floor
Parking Allocation 1
Total Area 2,065 sq.ft
Price Per sq.ft RS. 31,000
Total Amount (PKR) 64,015,000
Payment schedule

3 bedroom Apartment

White Pearl

Floor 2nd Floor - 6th Floor
Parking Allocation 2
Total Area 3,240 sq.ft
Price Per sq.ft RS. 31,000
Total Amount (PKR) 100,440,000
Payment schedule

4 bedroom Apartment


Floor 2nd Floor - 6th Floor
Parking Allocation 2
Total Area 3,952 sq.ft
Price Per sq.ft RS. 31,000
Total Amount (PKR) 122,512,000

Oyster Court

Luxury Apartments in lahore

If you look, which one is more flexible, reliable and profitable in terms of expense, a better place for living, full of facilities, maintenance cost, the apartment wins. Luxury Apartments in Lahore are the most popular and trending place because it provides luxurious opportunities to the people. Keystone constructs the building in such a way that it surrounding by all facilities.

Most of the people in highly populated areas and towns prefer an apartment instead of a private house, arguing that there are fewer worries with it. Moreover, luxury apartments in Lahore provide numerous advantages to people. One of the main advantages of an apartment compared to a house is its price.

Each apartment at Oyster Court elevates the standards of luxury living: richly finished interiors, smart home technology, high quality fixtures and breathtaking views of the courtyard or the gardens on either side of the property.

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Why High-Rise Living is the Future of Sustainable Housing

Discover why high-rise living is the sustainable housing of the future. From reduced carbon emissions to efficient use of space, high rises offer many benefits for the environmentally conscious resident.

High-rise living is on the rise, and for a good reason. As we seek to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize our impact on the environment, high-rise residential living offers a sustainable solution that is both practical and appealing.

Here are just a few reasons why high-rise living is the future of sustainable housing:

Efficient use of space

High-rise living offers a compact living solution that maximizes the use of space. With smaller footprints than traditional homes, high rises use fewer resources to build and maintain. This efficient use of space makes high rises a sustainable option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Reduced carbon emissions

High-rise living can significantly reduce carbon emissions by offering proximity to public transportation and walkable neighborhoods. Living on a high rise often means a shorter commute, reducing reliance on cars and the associated carbon emissions. Additionally, high rises can be designed to use green technologies like solar panels and energy-efficient systems.

Access to amenities

Many high-rise residential buildings offer on-site amenities like gyms, pools, and green spaces. By providing these amenities, high rises encourage residents to stay close to home and enjoy their surroundings. This reduces the need for cars and transportation and promotes a sense of community and well-being.

Security and safety

High-rise living offer a level of security and safety that is difficult to replicate in other housing types. With controlled access and on-site security, high rises provide peace of mind for residents. This added security also helps to reduce crime rates and promote safer communities.

The appeal of urban living

As urban areas continue to grow and evolve; high-rise living offers an appealing solution for those who want to be at the center of the action. With access to cultural events, restaurants, and nightlife, high-rise residents can enjoy the best urban living while minimizing their environmental impact.

As we move towards a more sustainable future, high-rise residential living offers many benefits for the environmentally conscious resident. From efficient use of space to reduced carbon emissions, high rises are a practical and appealing option for those looking to positively impact the environment.

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