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Punjab Excise Department Offers A Discount On E-Payment Of Property Tax

Punjab Excise Department Offers A Discount On E-Payment Of Property Tax

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The Punjab Excise, Taxation, and Narcotics Control Department (ETNCD) have offered taxpayers a 10% discount on property tax payments made using e-Pay, an advertisement in leading newspapers announced. The discount will be applicable to all property tax payments made before the deadline of September 30.


The ETNCD has asked citizens to take advantage of this excellent chance and pay their dues before the September 30 deadline. In this regard, the department announced the establishment of a separate helpline to settle property tax issues.


Furthermore, the advertisement announced that the department had sent PT-10 forms to all property owners at their registered addresses. Those who have not received their challan form may proceed as follows to obtain their PT-10 Form:

PT-10 forms can be obtained from the nearest Excise and Taxation office.
The said form can also be downloaded by visiting services and clicking on ‘System for Online Verification of PT10 Challan’ Put your CNIC number and Property Tax Number (PTN) from the previously paid challan (PT-10 form)

Click on the search button to verify and obtain your property tax challan.


It is worth noting that ETNCD has made several adjustments to its tax laws in order to improve property tax collection, including lowering the transfer charge from 2% to 1% for filers.

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