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How to Choose the Best Construction Companies in Islamabad

How to Choose the Best Construction Companies in Islamabad

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Building your own home is an exhilarating venture, especially for those who are new to this experience. However, it is also a great responsibility to undertake as property is an extremely valuable tangible asset. Multiple assessments must be taken, alternatives should be considered, and qualities should be tested before choosing one of the best construction companies in Islamabad for yourself and your family.


From designing the conceived layout of your dream residence to its finishing touches: I will guide you through every single stage of the construction process, in this article.


Choosing the Best Construction Companies In Islamabad :


Pakistan’s real estate market has a vast array of construction companies and real estate agencies of varying degrees of excellence. Many top construction companies in Islamabad have planted a firm footing in this industry and amassed a successful reputation across the country. Following are the factors that you should oversee before choosing the ideal building contractor for your desired home:


Reputation & Recommendations:


In order to navigate through your options, listening to past customers’ reviews and work partners’ testimonials about the building contractor gives you greater clarity about their values and workmanship.


Quality of Work:


Examining finished projects and customer reactions gives assurance of a firm’s service standard.

Since successful construction companies in Islamabad have dealt with a wide range of architectural styles, it is best to choose a company that has handled projects similar to yours in the past. A company’s relevant experience is essential to determine the type of projects they specialise in.


Customer Service:


Frequency of correspondence with the client, and heeding their opinions are key to customer satisfaction. Choose a company that prioritises client’s needs and demands above all else, while simultaneously giving beneficial professional suggestions.


Considerate of Your Budget:


Top construction companies in Islamabad should be able to deliver the highest quality of work in the lowest price ranges. They must take into account the customer’s budget, and provide as much as possible. However, quality is commonly directly proportional to price. Thus, making price-conscious decisions might deprive you of better options.


The criteria mentioned above will allow you to perform a holistic evaluation of the building contractors on your list and ensure that you choose one of the Best Construction Companies in Islamabad.


Cost Evaluation & Budgeting:


It is ideal to acquire the best offers at the most convenient prices. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to encounter such deals. It demands a thorough knowledge of retail/commercial prices of construction goods and services, current bricks rate in Pakistan, and rates of various qualities of the same goods to appraise items at suitable costs. Financial management plans to accommodate all requirements in the allotted budget are pre-requisite.


Building Blocks:


Bricks are the most fundamental elements of construction and are demanded in bulk quantities. High-quality bricks allow for better insulation, rigid structure, and overall longevity of the house, whereas low-quality items are relatively less durable.

Current bricks rate in Pakistan with varying degrees of quality are listed below:



Price per Brick


Rs. 15


Rs. 13


Rs. 12


Taking into consideration various plot sizes and recently trending construction projects, the estimates of the total number of bricks required in each case are listed below with their respective cost approximations. These estimates are made while taking

4.5 bricks per square foot, and an average bricks rate in Pakistan is taken as Rs.14:


Plot size

Number of bricks

Total cost estimate

1 marla


Rs. 210,000

1 kanal


Rs. 1,957,500

1 acre


Rs. 2,750,000

1 murabba


Rs. 68,500,000


Cement is an equally essential component that acts as a flux and binds the structure together. Higher quality would ensure the hardness and strength of the overall structure of the house.


With the booming construction businesses in Pakistan, there is cut-throat competition in the market for the best quality cement manufacturers. According to conventions in Pakistan, cement bags from several manufacturers contain 25-50kg of cement per bag. The average rate of each bag is approximately Rs. 1050. Estimatedly, 22 kg of cement is consumed per square foot. In other words, 0.3-0.5 cement bags are used per square foot.


Knowledge of such materials, their costs, and other aspects is crucial for laying the foundation and grey structures of houses.


A Walk-through of the Construction Processes & Pricing followed by Construction Companies in Islamabad:

Architecture and Design Layout:

 An essential planning procedure that is to be discussed with the building contractors to establish your requirements. It also lays the foundation for boundary demarcation. Getting a professional architectural opinion is always suggested, as it helps you make the most of your property. Architecture and interior design costs are exclusive.


Excavation & Base-Filling:


A machine-intensive process of digging a cavity in the ground to allow for a firm establishment of the house. The foundation is then solidified by filling the excavated base with suitable sand (the material must be durable and compact). Estimates show that 2.42 cubic meters of sand is required per square foot. The current market rate of sand per cubic meter is Rs. 42.


Foundation layout:


Next follows the labor-intensive stage: bricks are used to substantiate the foundation of the house. Major construction companies in Pakistan and specifically construction companies in Islamabad city are following the labor rate of Rs. 1500-1700 in 2023.


Grey Structure development:


Grey structure defines the primary layout of your home, thus a wide array of materials are required. Bricks rate in Pakistan have already been mentioned above. 2023 market rates, at which majority of construction companies in Islamabad purchase goods in bulk quantities, are listed as follows:




Per Quantity

Steel (60 Grade)

Rs. 249

Per kg


Rs. 31,000

Per dumper


Rs. 30,000

Per dumper


Rs. 18,000

Per dumper

Water Tanker

Rs. 5000

Per gallon


Rs, 8,500

Per cubic foot



For the finishing touches to obtain a functional house, gas pipeline, and electric wiring installation needs to be done. Wiring cost is Rs. 350 per Kg and an electrician will charge an approximate aggregate of Rs. 3-5 lakhs for setup.  As for gas and water plumbing along with safety precautions such as water-proofing and pipe-sealing labor cost with materials would be Rs. 80,000-100,000 per room.


5 Marla Construction Cost in Construction Companies in Islamabad:

According to recent market trends, the most in-demand construction projects are 5 Marla houses. Since it is a perfect size for a family residence and is cost-effective, the construction companies in Islamabad, Pakistan particularly are observing a considerable hike in its popularity among clients.


The breakdown  of 5 marla construction cost is mentioned as follows:

On average, with labor and goods, construction cost is Rs. 6000 per square feet.

Thus, lumpsum 5 marla construction cost would amount to: Rs. 8,900,000.


Keeping all this in mind, you would now be able to make precise judgments, and assessments regarding construction aspects and their cost-efficiency. I hope this article helped you make the best choice for you and your family.

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