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AREA MEASURMENT 1 BED CITY FACING         :  42 to 50 Million SEA FACING            :   45 to 53 Million (1200-1400 [more]

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From a couple to a large Pakistani family, we have houses built
with emotions for everyone.

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Different types of Front Elevation in Construction projects

Every person should have a proper plan before finalizing the actual work. For example, in a matter of construction projects, we start the planning by buying land and end at entering the fully furnished house of your dreams with your loved ones. In these simple two steps, you have to go through hundreds of difficulties for which you should have a proper way out. So it is always better to consult with the person or firm who is best in their field.

Building a house is a challenge:

In the current world where we live, we can’t spare extra time for anything else. When we talk about a house or office construction, it isn’t easy to manage your daily routine as it requires a keen eye on everything. You cannot just finalize the architectural design in a rush and feel bad about it later that you should do something different instead of this while construction.

A slight mistake can be hazardous in future times in this scenario. Plus, if you are not following the rules and regulations decided by the government, then, in the end, you can face a heavy fine from the government, or the worst scenario is maybe you have to demolish the specific area and construct that part according to the rule. To save yourself from this drastic issue, it is always better to contact specialists.

Life Savers:

When talking about construction and planning, the first thing everyone should do is to visit the best architects around them. Because sometimes, a person is thinking of building something which is not possible without the help of professionals. Architects are the person who will help you finalize your dream.

Usually, architects require the information about the design of the  house front elevation you want, the number of rooms required, and the size of the area you are planning to construct the house. After, they will design the map according to your requirement and government rules. We can say that architects help us finalize the design and help us get rid of the difficulties we are about to face in government departments. Once the basic design is finalized in computer software, they will provide you with the copies finalized and approved by the government.

The only thing you need to concentrate on after this approval is following the documents carefully, which are approved by the government. Any change in that map or structure can be a stress creator for you. To save yourself from any trouble, you should consult with well-trained and experienced contractors.

Different architecture designs of a house in Pakistan:

In the modern world, we need everything unique, especially when it comes to your house. There are multiple types of  house front elevation designs currently famous in Pakistan. We usually see two types of designs of the house, the first one is a modern look with pillars in front of the house, and the second one is an Egyptian look of the house which is very common these days. Pakistan house designs vary from region to region. In cities like Lahore, Multan and Faisalabad, people want to build a house with good ventilation in summers and stay warm in winter, which is challenging. On the other hand, in cities like Murree, Abbottabad, Islamabad and northern areas, people construct their houses in such a manner that they stay warm throughout the year.

There are many different  house elevation design in Pakistan. Some of the most popular designs include the following:

Tiled roof design with a projecting balcony:

This Traditional design is one of the most commonly seen designs in Pakistan. It usually features two or more stories, with a balcony on the second floor. People used to like this design because it stayed ventilated in the summer and a little warm in winter. But now that people have heaters and air conditioners, they don’t care as much about the natural ventilation system. The best thing about these types of houses is we have square and rectangular shape windows in front of these houses which help you to feel the natural light.

One more plus point of this design is that you can change the house’s look by simply adding or removing something from the balcony. If you need any help regarding this architectural design firm will help you with it, which will give your house a new look.

The Contemporary Design:

This design is becoming more popular these days. It has a design in front of the terrace. Usually, bars are arranged in a way that your house looks synchronized. Most architecture design companies prefer this design as it always helps them show the modern geometry of the house. A glass grill and black bar wall windows in front of the house make it more attractive. One of the most important reasons to prefer this design is its windows in front. The more we can stay close to nature, the more we can stay healthy. While construction projectswe should be cautious about this aspect.

The Minimalist Design:

This design is perfect for those who want a simple and elegant look for their home. Most urban design consultants prefer this designIt features clean lines and a minimal amount of decoration. People with this type of design prefer simple looks. They can change their look whenever they want. Designers typically suggest having some plants in front of these houses, which increases the beauty and enhances the attraction.

The interior designers preferred to have Traditional wooden panel windows in front of these houses. Those windows gives the vibrant touch to the house with elegant looks.

The Rustic Design:

This design is perfect for people who want a country feel in their home. It often has stone or brick on the outside and wood beams inside. Nowadays, one of the most famous designs in big cities of Pakistan is Rustic design. It gives an Egyptian look to the house, which looks good and saves you from yearly maintenance expenses. The front of the house is made from the rupture rock tile and arched window designs. Which increases the beauty of your house and gives you the feel of entering your palace. The benefit of using rupture rock tiles is they look more attractive with the passage of time. You do not need to invest every year to refresh the look of your house. This type of design does not require much maintenance and gets more beautiful as time goes by.

We have multiple options for these types of houses all over Pakistan. Visit our office to see 
fully furnished house design
available for sale in the heart of the cities.

No matter what style of house you desired. There are many different designs for the front of your home in Pakistan. So take your time and find the perfect one for you. If you need any help, our team of experts at Syed brothers would be more than happy to assist you. Or you can visit our ongoing construction projects.

We at Syed brothers provide you with architectural help and home interior design services in dha and Lahore. We also have multiple projects throughout the country. Our team will help you with everything you want within your budget, from construction to constructed houses.

Contact us today to get started! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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