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Best House Design in Pakistan: Here is how to get it?

Best House Design in Pakistan: Here is how to get it?

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Modern house design in Pakistan and contemporary architecture have revolutionized the real estate empire of this country. From historic Victorian designs to futuristic brutalism, clients are beginning to embrace a wide variety of styles for their homes. With the market set ablaze with diverse house designs in Pakistan, it is an ideal opportunity for you to grab yourself a booking with one of the best construction companies in Pakistan and customize a design for your bespoke house.


Why You Need to Plan Your House Design:

Architectural consulting is an integral stage of constructing your dream house. It not only allows you to make optimal use of your property but also to maximize the value of your most vital tangible asset. The design of your house will define and alter the physical environment of your humble abode. The interior and exterior structure of a house is not only a representation of the requirements and liking of its residents but also a portrayal of their cultural values and unique lifestyles. Beautiful houses in Pakistan have been produced as an outcome of a holistic house design process. 


From rejuvenating historical traditions to managing cost efficiency; from pleasing aesthetics to meeting domestic needs: a strategically crafted house design can do all these.


Factors To Consider When Choosing a House Design in Pakistan:

Location & Climate:

It is crucial to take into account topographical features such as rainfall, temperature, ground elevation, and winds to determine whether there is a need for installing preventive measures such as ventilation, drainage systems, insulation and shades.


Budget &Cost evaluation:

Reputable construction companies in Pakistan ensure to incorporate architectural planning in their building contract along with primary expenditures for land purchase, construction permits, and interior furnishing etc. You can construct a beautiful house in Pakistani within your budget. Different designs have varying costs based on factors like size, architectural style, materials used, and finishes. Assess your budget and choose a design that aligns with your financial capabilities. 


Cooperation with Contractor:

 Top construction companies in Pakistan specialize in various architectural designs: ranging from traditional and historically inspired structures to modern minimalistic styles. Choose building contractors with diverse portfolios who will bring your visions to life with durability and excellent functionality. Pick for yourself a suitable firm.


Domestic & Aesthetic Requirements:

 Consider the visual appeal and architectural style of a conventional or modern house. Personal preferences and individual needs of the residents are also significant factors that cannot be overlooked. Design components such as exterior finishes, roof style, and curb appeal reflect your taste and choice of construction style.


Trending & In-demand House Design in Pakistan:

The popularity of a house designs varies from region to region depending on factors like demographic, climate, cultural preferences, and infrastructural advancement.


Be it colossal mansions scaling serene landscapes, or compact yet well-organized modern houses in the heart of bustling cities, reputable architecture firms and esteemed construction companies in Pakistan are capable of delivering excellence in all types and scales of projects.


There are infinite forms of modern house in Pakistan, traditional ones, and a fusion of both contrasting styles. After all, construction architecture and design is a form of art and expression. Even so, we have tried to classify and list down the most demanded and recently developed house designs in Pakistan’s real estate market in the year 2023.


Cultural designs: 

 Contemporary Islamic:

A rather practical approach to building historically inspired structures. This design blends modern architectural elements with Islamic influences. It accomplishes the task of conveying minimalistic aesthetics like most modern houses in Pakistan while maintaining an arabesque look. The exterior is decorated with geometric patterns and arabesques. Yet, it is almost plain when compared to the interior, which has a simplistic combination of marble, granite, and wood. Despite having a lot of potential architecture firms in the real estate market have observed a decline in this style’s demand over the years.



Bungalows are a single-story structure. They have spacious interiors, large verandas, and a functional layout that suits family living. With a wide plot size range of 120-2000 square yards, there is a lot for room for contemporary innovation in this traditional structure as well to make them resemble minimalistic houses. For those bungalows located in natural settings, usage of brick walls and sloping roofs lessens their apparent intrusion in nature.


Traditional Pakistani:

This is the safest choice and therefore, the most favored house design in Pakistan. This style reflects the traditional architecture of different regions in Pakistan. It varies across provinces and includes designs like the Haveli (large traditional mansion), Courtyard Houses, and Walled City Architecture. Incorporating intricate detailing, ornamental features, and traditional motifs that reflect local architectural heritage. These houses incorporate intricate detailing, ornamental features, and traditional motifs that reflect local architectural heritage.


Modern House Design In Pakistan: 


The concept of “less is more” is appealing to artists, as it means eroding the contents to the very core until all that remains is essential and meaningful. The same applies to designers, and architects who are observing the gradual hike of this architectural style’’s popularity. It is a currently prevailing house design in Pakistan’s real estate industry.


It is characterized by a lack of ornamentation, simple design elements, focus on structure, plain geometric patterns, simple materials, symmetry, and stillness.


The majority of modern houses are inspired by this minimalistic ideology.



Characterized by a focus on design, texture, shapes, materials, and construction, this style is also described as “blocky” architecture. Its large-scale use of rigid geometric pattern appeal to the modern generation greatly. Hence the incline in its popularity among clients. A primary example of such a design would be the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Many construction companies in Pakistan undertake not only major commercial projects but residential projects with gentle brutalism as well.


Contemporary style: 

This design emphasizes clean lines, simplicity, and functionality. It incorporates modern architectural elements, such as large windows, open floor plans, and minimalistic aesthetics. Beautiful houses in Pakistan equipped with tech-ware prefer this type of architecture as well. 


Modern Contemporary Style blends modern elements with traditional Pakistani architecture. A perfect balance of bold cultural designs and subtle plain structures. This is the most sought-after house design in Pakistan.


Foreign Influence: 


This design is influenced by the British colonial era and features large, spacious rooms, high ceilings, and symmetrical exteriors. It often includes a central hallway and a front porch.



Elaborate ornamentation, decorative details, and grandeur are the charachters of this design. It often includes features like towers, bay windows, and intricate woodwork.



This design draws inspiration from Mediterranean countries, such as Greece and Italy. It includes features like stucco walls, terracotta roofs, arched windows, and courtyards. It often has a rustic and earthy feel.


Farmhouse architecture:

The real estate market in Pakistan is buzzing with the demand for farmhouses.


Farmhouse Style:

Rural farmhouses with modern and traditional elements are usually the inspiration for farmhouses. It features wide porches, pitched roofs, and a cozy, rustic feel.


The demand of farmhouses is high as they are easy to modify. You can convert a traditional house to a modern house. You just need small changes in the exterior and the windows.  Thus, a modern farm house for sale is immediately swept up from the market. The prices of a farmhouse for sale depend on their location and value, varying from Rs. 7-15 crores.


This was an overview of the Best house designs in Pakistan. We hope this article was able to guide you through the possible choices you have to design your desired bespoke house.

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