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A Complete Guide to Building Front Design of Your Home

A Complete Guide to Building Front Design of Your Home

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Looking for a way to modify the look of your house? Confused about what design to choose? Well then look no further! This article is your one-stop guide to building front design for your house. With emerging modern and contemporary architectural styles, you can boost the market value of your property by working on your house front wall design. From 1 Kanal house design in Pakistan to narrow house front elevation: Syed Brothers excels in all types and scales of front design developments. Read on to find yourself the ideal home front design that helps your space meet its potential.


Why is it Important to Upgrade Building Front Design?

Increases Property Value:

The upfront view of your house’s entrance is its first impression to passerby’s or potential buyers. It is a make-it or break-it factor of valuable properties. This is why, strategically planned front designs of houses can increase their worth manifold. Visually appealing exteriors tend to attract real estate agents and buyers.


Enhances functionality of house:

Front designs are not just about looks: they also fulfill functional considerations. Positioning of windows and doors optimizes natural light and ventilation. Other than that, factors such as sun exposure, views and privacy are also affected. It also enhances safety and security. Properly placing windows and entrances ensures visibility at night and prevents intrusions.


Reflects your Aesthetic Likings:

Building front design sets the tone and style of your entire property. It is an opportunity to showcase your personal taste and likings. It allows you to increase the overall curb appeal of your home and express your individuality.


Building your house’s front design is an essential construction and modification process. Thus, it demands a thorough evaluation. An evaluation that can determine what type of design is best fitted for your house.


Building Front Design according to your specific house structure:

2-story house front design:

A two storey modern house front wall design features clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. The exterior can contain floor-to-ceiling windows. The upper floor highlighted by a large balcony and a series of windows adds interest to the elevation. The house front wall design can have a neutral color palette with elements of contrasting colors.


3-story house front design:

 Sleek architectural lines create a sense of elegance. A 3-story house commonly accommodates a large family with diverse preferences. Thus, the color schemes for this structure may vary from neutral tones to bold contrasts. The architectural style can be a blend of traditional and contemporary. A grand entrance with a sophisticated doorway, large windows, and balconies/ terraces on each level. These elements showcase the beauty of multi-level living.


Bungalow Front Design:

Commonly using woodwork and arched doorways, bungalows may follow a traditional Pakistani style. However, the popularity of modern bungalow elevation designs has skyrocketed in the market. Bungalows are independent houses with single-story or a partial second-story. It contains prominent front tilework, a veranda, and an exclusive space for gardens. The upper floors can have a series of windows and protruding balconies with flat roofs to give a modern look.


Villa Front Design:

This building front design of a villa should display elegance and luxury. The exterior includes Mediterreanean architecture. It showcases stucco, stone, and intricate detailing. Large arched windows and grand entrance doorways add to the luxury. Other features may include balconies, terraces, or verandas.


Apartment Building Front Design:

The apartment building design showcases a modern and sleek aesthetic. Materials such as glass, steel, and concrete create a contemporary exterior look. The building may have many levels with symmetrical or asymmetrical compositions. Large windows are strategically placed. The entrance is a welcoming lobby or canopy. Balconies or terraces on different levels provide outdoor spaces for residents. The color palette is neutral, with bold accents or contrasting elements to add visual interest. This design presents a stylish and functional facade for a multi-unit residential building.


1 Kanal House Design in Paksitan:

A 1 Kanal (approximately 5445 square feet) floor plan gives ample room for front design innovations and combinations. It displays contemporary elegance and functionality. The exterior contains clean lines, a mix of materials, and large windows. These create a seamless connection between the interior and exterior spaces. The entrance is typically emphasized with a striking front door and possibly a porch or canopy. The facade may include elements like stone cladding, wood accents, or textured finishes to add visual interest. The color palette can range from neutral tones to bold contrasts, depending on personal preference. This 1 kanal House design in Pakistan gives a sense of sophistication. It focuses on open spaces, natural light, and a harmonious blend of form and function.


Trending House Front Wall Designs:

Compound Wall:

The structure of compound walls is essential for boundary wall projects. It ensures security and gives the first impression of your residence to newcomers. Compound wall designs include ornamental walls with masonry and steel grills forming patterns. They also have stone cladding, vertical wall gardens, wall lighting, and simple precast with concrete.


Ultra Modern:

Inspired by contemporary architecture, ultra-modern building front designs use cutting-edge technology. Futuristic exterior uses glass. Steel and concrete to create simple yet modern designs. It requires intricate brickwork on the front wall. Thus, finest quality bricks rate in Pakistan should be assessed. This design includes unique geometric structures, cantilevered structures, and asymmetrical compositions. We suggest a monochromatic color palette for this elevation. Overall, it gives a look of forward-thinking architecture.



A glass exterior is suitable for houses in remote and secure locations. Preferably in areas with relatively less privacy and intrusion concerns. The use of large glass panels and walls creates a visually striking and contemporary look. The facade is predominantly made of glass. The glass panels can be floor-to-ceiling. The frame or structure supporting the glass may be minimalistic, using materials like steel or aluminum. The color palette is often kept neutral to allow the glass to take center stage.


We can improve these building front designs to fit your standards and requirements. Syed Brothers have relevant experience with a wide range of Home front design styles. We specialize in all kinds of architectural themes. Pick your design, modify it, and we shall bring your dream look to reality!

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